About the blog

My name is T.J.C but we can call me TJ for short. This blog follows my road from beta of The Year to… something new. I swallowed a very bitter Red Pill, nearly lost my sanity, my family and all that was dear to me. I’m working on my game and This is my social experiment for turning my marriage around, finding myself again, becoming a better man and starting my own business. I will try to honestly document my progress or lack of it on this blog. It may give some other men if not advice at least a warning example. And maybe even hope to some in a bad spot..

How to read the blog

This blog`s by me for me. It`s my personal journal as much as a way to sort things out for myself. You are welcomed to take a peak and any comment is appreciated.

It`s reccomended to start from the oldest post and read to the newest. At least the background post`s will help to understand where  I come from. It might jump a little and everything is not going to be in chronological order but I write as it comes to me. And some of the older things that led to me becoming me take some time to melt and drains some energy to get out. So I might write something “newer” in between.