Real Food

In my last post about exercise and nutrition I stressed the importance of real food. This is the nr 1 thing to get right before anything else. And the best thing is, it`s in your reach to do. Air pollutions or chemical residues in the tap water. These things you can`t do so much about. You will be exposed to harmful chemicals in modern life. But you can decide what you eat!

I made the point of you having no excuse NOT to eat real food.

I bought an old house that I have been renovating and as a result we have been without a kitchen for almost 2 months. Here is our kitchen:


and from the other side of the wall


Needless to say not much cooking done here..

We, a family of 6 have been without a kitchen for two months so how and what do you think we have been eating?



Hell No!

How did we do it?

Enter the old faithful :


A man can eat like a king without the modern kitchen utensils, all you need is a little fire..

And red wine




& grilling

some sausages

WP_20170702_16_44_49_Pro_LI 1

a tomahawk steak


And if you tell me you can’t bbq or make a fire to coock where you live, I will tell you that`s no excuse! We bought a little portable induction heater from …. IKEA! 🙂 and you actually can make wonders with it..and a little imagination.


The moral of this story.. even if you live a busy life with children, work, your own business, renovating a house.

There is always time for good food and some wine.