Fat acceptance = A spreading disease!

Fat acceptance and feminist beauty standards are the new cancer of our society making people unhappy and driving a wedge between men and women.

It seems everywhere you look you get bombarded with news, pictures, articles, videos and what not.. all with the same message. The message is one of the following tree in some variation:

1.It`s ok to be Fat!

2. You can be Healthy and Fat!

3. Fat is Beautiful!


I disagree! And I will tell you why this is just nonsense.


  1. It`s OK to be Fat!

In a way this is the one that actually makes most sense. After all its your life you can make what you want of it. Make what you want out of your self. If you are ok being fat why should anyone even care? If you choose to be a lamb instead of a lion then by all means be a lamb.

We are now living in an age of surplus and seeing an unprecedented increase in obese people. Fat is the new normal. Even BMI scales have been changed to take this new normal in account, otherwise there would be almost no normal weight people left 🙂 I understand that because half the population is overweight they like to feel normal and so the message “It´s ok to be Fat!” falls into fertile ground..

On a personal level it’s just a matter of choise, but on a broader spectrum your individual choise has consequences to the society you live in, your choices affect others. It`a fact that being overweight is a big health issue and fat related medical costs are thrue the roof and will just continue to rise in the near future. This is a bill we all have to pay, you and me overweight or not. And with this in mind what bugs me is the big PR campaign to make us all think it`s rain when actually they are just pissing in your face. Some doctors have even come out and told that having diabetes is going to be the new norm so everybody should be on insulin and other medication as a default.

Hell no! Is`s not ok!

It`s not ok to be Fat!


2. You can be Healthy and Fat!

This is a no brainer so I really am not even going to address this in length. You can not be healthy and FAT!

And before you come with the story of your grandma who was a large woman and lived to 90+.. of course there can be exceptions but they are so few it has no real life value. You can win on the lottery to but you are hardly going to suggest to your teenage child that he or she gives up school and starts to by lottery tickets instead. But everybody are saying that “you are just fine as you are!” You can be the greatest person in the world but you still can always be a better version of your self.

I one time heard from my wife: “You just sit at home and eat, you do nothing else..you have become a little chubby” I was a couple of months out of work and feeling a little down. It really stung but I’m grateful of that honesty, I would take that sting anytime in stead of pretty lies. So remember that and sting with love!


3. Fat is Beautiful!

It’s not!

And its even different between men and women. To men women’s looks matter more when it comes to attraction than the other way around.

All of you who think men and women are equal and the same are not going to like what I say next:

Men prefer young, slender beautiful women.

Women prefer strong, powerful men.

Yes of course looks matter to women to but not in the same extent than to men. And both men and women compete on the sexual market place and want the best of what their own sexual value can get.. or in the case of women always a little more..

We see this in everyday life for example it is much more common to see:

  • Older men with younger women
  • Ordinary or ugly men with beautiful women
  • A Rich man with a young beautiful woman
  • A boss (male) with his secretary
  • A doctor (male) with a nurse
  • A pilot (male ) with a flight attendant

Than the other way around, sure they exist but are much more seldom seen.

You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to understand why, but deep down in your self even a hard-boiled feminist nows this to be true!

It`s funny how there are even many self-declared feminist who are out to “crush the Patriarchy”! Then they still Post training pics of them self just like every other AH!

For example:

Because it takes strong women to smash the patriarchy.

“Look hot while you fight the patriarchy”

It`s ok to be fat and just be your self but then they at the same time want to look hot when they crush the patriarchy! 🙂 But if Fat really is beautiful and so great why do these feminist want to be fit and look hot by way of exercise? I tought it was just the inside that counts..?  How can they be so blind for the blatant double standards. But its different, they want to look good for them self.. yeah right..

They want to look good for the same reason as everybody, to attract. They secretly dream of a powerful man coming and sweeping them of their strong independent legs and giving them a god old spanking! So actually they just want to look hot while they are being spanked! Just like all women  🙂

Let`s do a test, below are two pictures of hot mothers and you just have to decide which of the two you would rather be if you are a woman and which you would rather date if you are a man.. Simple but be honest! You can vote by placing a comment.


Pic 1.



Pic 2.



Bonus question: From who would you rather take fitness instructions?

So as a summary:

  • It´s not ok!
  • Fight the disease!
  • Sting with love!
  • You have no excuse!