Women are Crazy!

In a nutshell

Be warned this post is not for the sensitive ones. It`s on a very flammable topic, and I want to make clear that im not pro violence or that I approve of the actions that took place. I don`t try to justify or explain my actions, I just report what happened in my life and some unexpected consequences that followed.

In a nutshell I punched my wife of 15 years unconscious and got sex as a reward!

How it started

The evening started nice, my wife texted my to bring a bottle of wine on the way home from work. When I got home she had two wine glasses waiting on the table with a chocolate hearth in between. Love in the air!

We got the kids to bed and sat on the sofa having a few glasses and talked, everything was nice and you could feel the sexual tension in the air. But then out of nowhere she brings up some old issues, and starts accusing me of lying and being unfaithful.

As a background; I have after swallowing the red pill a year ago, gained confidence and started to better myself as a man. This has been hard for my wife who at times gets very jealous and at times is very loving and worm.

Now she stared with a jealous fit and I admit not taking her that seriously and even having a little fun at her behalf. She got mad, can’t blame her, and went downstairs. I went downstairs also to our bedroom to play some online games instead for somehow the romance was gone.

She came in to the bedroom and started again to accuse me of being a liar, at this point I had enough and told her to be quiet. But she would not stop, she really worked her self up. It may have been the wine or me just being very effective at driving her insane.. or a combination of both. What can I do? I’m a lovable asshole! Or so I have been told.

Enough is enough so I told her in no uncertain terms that she should stop being such a bitch and that she was as a big a liar as anybody. That got her juices flowing, she got a wild crazy stare in her eyes and she raised her hand.

“No, no, don`t go that way” I told her ( she had hit me once before about 6 month`s earlier and I told her that she got one freebie but the next time I would not just turn my cheek. ) “What you gonna do? Leave me?” she asked with a sarcastic smile. “No im gonna hit you back if you hit me” I replied. “Yeah right” and then she tought for a couple of seconds and slapped me.. and I slapped her back.

She was stunned, “You hit me”! “You don`t hit women”! She stumbled with the words. “You don`t hit anybody” I answered. “You hit me and I told you I would hit you back if you ever did that again.” Are you happy now I asked, did you get what you wanted? She was quiet for a second and then slapped me again… we traded a couple of slaps before I took hold of her hands and tripped her on the bed. Stop! It`s enough I told her and when she calmed down I let her hands go.. And she jumped right up and slapped me again.. 🙂 I slapped her, this time a little harder and she fell on the bed, her eyes rolled in her head and she was still.. I checked she was ok, and a couple of seconds later she started to wake up. She sat up on the bed and I left the room.

Personal comment

I was stunned and wondered what the FUCK just happened.. how could things go so fast from very romantic to total chaos! But women are chaos, even in Eastern philosophy the female force is the destroyer . Women seek chaos and chaos seek out women. Men are the counter weight. If you read on the background of our relationship ( My Dark Unicorn) you can se that I have failed miserably in the past to be that strong counterweight. In short I was needy, I was insecure and I was weak. And my wife was unhappy and chaos took over..

A couple of days later when we discussed the incident, she told me she knew I would hit her back but she did it anyway to test me.. WTF!!? Test me for what? But it dawned on me.. She has had a hard time accepting and maybe even believing I have changed so much as I have. It has been hard for her to handle and she probably have had doubts and been waiting for me to slip into my old habits. For this reason she has given me shit test regularly and I think this slapping incident was some sort of culmination. She just had to know my transformation was real.

She was afraid that I was the same old me under a new skin. Belive it or not but she actually have verbally confessed she likes my new self better and that she is happier now..not that she admits to being that unhappy before but.. well that’s for an other post.

Anyhow I think She had to know that I was real, she was afraid that it was all fake and what better to test that than something my former self would never do.. Not that I think she consciously tought about hitting me to test me, but unconsciously I think that was the motivation behind what happened. HERE you can read of something similar..

Back to The point

After the incident she went to sleep on the cough while I slept in our bed. Next morning I went to work as normal and wondered if I would go crash to a friend’s house after or would I go home. Had no motivation to continue fighting so I decided not to go home after work. But I changed my mind and went straight home anyway.

I expected either the police or a divorce notification was waiting for me at home.. but instead there was dinner. And a wife who hugged and apologized to me. You can call me an asshole if you like but I never apologized to her about that night. Not then and not later even if she has given me a little shit about it..

Later that night we had hot, wild sex and I came on her breasts and face, something she has tought very unpleasant before.. So instead of being arrested I get unusual sexual favors as a reward for hitting her unconscious..? Women really are crazy!

To be continued..