White, Meat eating, Hetero Man

I have a confession to make. I am a dying species, about to be extinct!

I don`t bite Tofu, I don`t dress in women’s clothing, don`t use makeup, im not gay. I belive in traditional family values. I have opinions of my own, I don`t by everything the media feeds me. I have standards that I keep. I value a traditionally feminine woman, I hate if not feminists but yes feminism.  I speak my opinions even if they are not always popular. I hate the way political correctness have nooderd our society.

We can no longer speak about real issues or call things by their real names. In fear of being labeled this or that nobody says what they think. Only if your opinions are rainbow corrected can you speak them aloud, and get a ton of likes and nods from the mass that are too afraid to say what they really think about things.

Why? Why do I rant about this you may ask.

 I think it`s gone too far. The abnorm has become the norm or at least so it seems. The world is full of understanding and acceptance. You should understand this and you should accept that. And even all that acceptance is not enough. The majority should understand, accept and form themselfs after the lifestyle and demands of all minorities. The many shall live by the rule of the few. And everything will be fine and dandy.

But behold! The acceptance and understanding go out of the window the minute you air your opinions , if you think that marriage is between man and woman or you think something as stupid as that there are two genders. I have now learned that gender is a fluid thing and something everybody should be able to choose on a daily basis. Sorry my mistake..

Where did all the understanding and acceptance go?  Who understands and accepts me and my opinion? Well as it seems, openly nobody! This is a little like the “emperors cloths” Somebody needs to scream “ This is just crazy! He`s naked!!

Well fuck this!

I might be a dying breed, old-fashioned, a dinosaur.

I`ll be the last of the Mohicans, I’ll go with my head held high!

I am a meat-eating, hetero  man… and Proud!

Hope there are others..


2 thoughts on “White, Meat eating, Hetero Man

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