A letter to Thomas Page McBee

Thomas Page McBee

The writer of the post is a transgender, writing about the Trumpening. I took the time to comment this not because I have energy, time or will to actually care but this somehow is so descriptive of the “gendersliding” and dual moral standards of the feminine imperative.

You can read the original post here

“I have believed in family friends, men who knew my mom and honored her when she died. Men in rural Pennsylvania and West Virginia, white men who did not blink when she told them that I was a man, just like them. “That makes sense,” they said. “Thomas,” they called me, so easy.

Since I transitioned, I have tried to be the man I wanted to see in the world. I have struggled with expectations of what a man is supposed to be, like all good men do. It is hard to disregard a culture that expects mistreatment of women. It is hard to both be in this body and to refuse to uphold the history of what a man’s body can mean. But I believed that I wasn’t the only man ready to change that expectation. I believed that men, and women, wanted a woman president, a president that cared about my body, and the bodies of my friends. I believed in Americans’ hearts.

I am in London now, and will return home to a country that elected a walking symbol of the most noxious masculinity there is to lead us for the next four years. When America voted for Donald Trump, it voted for the kind of man I have tried, every day, to not be. I don’t know what will happen to my body, or to the black bodies and brown bodies and female bodies, that face dire consequences because of this choice. I have always believed in you, America. I wish you’d believed, just as hard, in me.”

Thomas Page McBee

Thomas, in this case you can consider your self a success. You will never, ever bee a man like President elect Donald Trump! But likewise you will never, ever be a man. I have to bee the one to break it to you but no amount of surgery and cutting in your female body, no amount of testosterone will ever make you a man. You are and will always bee a woman who wishes that she was a man. It gives me no pleasure to tell you this and I wish you no personal grief but the facts and reality stands and are not always what we wish them to bee.

Gender is not a social contract not some piece of clothing you can change according to your mood. Gender is a biological fact! The dualism of gender have made us humans the apex species of this planet.

This post by Thomas is a good example of how we should love ( and understand ) “her” unique snowflakeness. But alas if you don`t share “her” worldviews then you are evil. EVIL!

” Since I began injecting testosterone six years ago, I have believed in America. I have believed in the mothers who commiserated with me about hormones, and the ways their pregnant bodies echoed my shifting, transgender one”

Thomas you try hard and put your self at risk to bee a man but then you identify your self with pregnant women.. Im lost here..

I ll tell you something Thomas now that you strive to bee a man, ill tell you something about being a man.

  1. Men do not complain! ( ok if we have a flue then maybe.. : )
  2. The only opinion that matters are your own and maybe God
  3. Men have to always preform, no rest till you are 6 feet under
  4. Nobody owes you a thing, your entitled to nothing but what you make and / or take
  5. You alone are responsible for your own happiness!
  6. Your are the direct ancestor of greats that have build empires and all that you see in society today. ( talk about having the bar set high )
  7. You will not get any recognition or thank you`s for what you do and frankly you don`t even need that. You are still supposed to do all “the heavy lifting” in life, and you do because it`s just the way it is..
  8. Men make decisions
  9. Men have standards that last longer than their current mood
  10. Men`s life don’t matter


Still want to be a man Thomas?

Are you ready to speak with the roar of a lion or the howl of the wolf instead of with a whimper?








White, Meat eating, Hetero Man

I have a confession to make. I am a dying species, about to be extinct!

I don`t bite Tofu, I don`t dress in women’s clothing, don`t use makeup, im not gay. I belive in traditional family values. I have opinions of my own, I don`t by everything the media feeds me. I have standards that I keep. I value a traditionally feminine woman, I hate if not feminists but yes feminism.  I speak my opinions even if they are not always popular. I hate the way political correctness have nooderd our society.

We can no longer speak about real issues or call things by their real names. In fear of being labeled this or that nobody says what they think. Only if your opinions are rainbow corrected can you speak them aloud, and get a ton of likes and nods from the mass that are too afraid to say what they really think about things.

Why? Why do I rant about this you may ask.

 I think it`s gone too far. The abnorm has become the norm or at least so it seems. The world is full of understanding and acceptance. You should understand this and you should accept that. And even all that acceptance is not enough. The majority should understand, accept and form themselfs after the lifestyle and demands of all minorities. The many shall live by the rule of the few. And everything will be fine and dandy.

But behold! The acceptance and understanding go out of the window the minute you air your opinions , if you think that marriage is between man and woman or you think something as stupid as that there are two genders. I have now learned that gender is a fluid thing and something everybody should be able to choose on a daily basis. Sorry my mistake..

Where did all the understanding and acceptance go?  Who understands and accepts me and my opinion? Well as it seems, openly nobody! This is a little like the “emperors cloths” Somebody needs to scream “ This is just crazy! He`s naked!!

Well fuck this!

I might be a dying breed, old-fashioned, a dinosaur.

I`ll be the last of the Mohicans, I’ll go with my head held high!

I am a meat-eating, hetero  man… and Proud!

Hope there are others..